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Artisan cured meats
from the heart of the Nebrodi

Salumi artigianali Nebrodinero


In 140 hectares, 90 of which are rich woodland, the Black Nebrodi pig lives in a semiwild state wiìhich allows it to feed and grow respecting natural rhythms. The piglets follow a high quality diet, deriving only from the undergrowth that characterizes the area: medicinal plants, dog-roses, sprouts, tubers, to which we add Sicilian barley in order to draw near and tame the piglets, guaranteeing and important nutritional contribution. Due to this breeding philosophy, the black pigs grow strong and healthy, developping intensely flavoured meat. The aging in the cell, through a particular ventilation system, is enriched by the natural nocturnal scents of the neighbouring woods.


Certified Products


For the Nebrodi black piglets, feeding on nature alone means being able to access a precious variety of aromas, flavours, organoleptic properties capable of making their meat succulent and delicious. To enhance its original quality, we follow a manufacturing process that takes place entirely within the Nebrodinero factory, located nearby the breeding area, and distributed over 900 square meters that are divided into areas destined for the various production steps.

All the artisan cured meats are made according to a traditional techinique; starting from the cleaning of the meat with the “knife-tip” method to remove excess fat and nerves. The latest generation machinery with which the factory is equipped intervenes to support all the subsequent steps. From dripping to drying up to the seasoning phase at a controlled temperature and humidity so as to bring out all the intesity of the flavour.

A production process is defined for each artisan meat, which is supervised at each step. Depending on the product, the production phases change. Alternating between chopping, flavouring, cooking, blast chilling where needed, or even salting, dripping, drying, seasoning, and brushing, in variable times and methods according to the custumor’s needs.

In the refinement of the flavour, for some products we use venitlated aging cells, which can be programmed in certain time slots to collect the scents of the forest and be introduced into the venitlation cycle, thus sealing a vigorous and recognizable aroma.

Nebrodinero artisan cured meats do not contain preservatives due to the consistent presence of vitamin E in the tissues and which the piglets receive from their natural sprout-based diet. Vitamin E is in fact a natural antioxidant which preserves the good quality and the conservation over time of meat, even if seasoned. In compliance with legal obligations, artisan cured meats have the minimum amount of E252 necessary for the conformity of the product.


A high-quality, naturally dried cured meat, prepared only with meat from the highly prized Nebrodi black pig breed.