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Circular and avant-garde production

Breeding and Production Plant Nebrodinero

We are advocates of authentic taste, uncontaminated goodness, quality of meat and its derivatives. On these principles, Nebrodinero shapes its productive activity by choosing breeding methods that respect the native breed, that of the "Nero dei Nebrodi" pig. In the forest mountains of northern Sicily, the piglets graze freely and eat in a natural way: berries, acorns, chestnuts, tubers, which make them grow in health and enrich the meat with genuine flavour. In the plant, every machine used for the production of artisan cured meats, is carefully selected in order to exalt that particular flavour; state-of-the-art interconnected tools, which allow complete control of the production chain at every stage. The Nebrodinero artisan cured meats are prepared with only the meat and lard of the "Nero dei Nebrodi" piglet, encased in natural casings with Trapani salts, black peppercorns, local dried fruit and native spices such as wild fennel or red pepper.

We Value Nature

The Production Chain



The "Nero dei Nebrodi" pig lives in a semi-wild state in 140 hectares of land, mostly wooded, feeding naturally on acorns, roots and fruits. The Nebrodi Natural Park and its organoleptic richness contribute to the quality and health of the animals.



The meat is obtained with the help of external slaughterhouses outside the production facility.



Processing of the meat includes butchering, salting, aging, cooking, and packaging. Each process is completed in specific areas within the same facility.



We deliver the Nebrodinero artisanal cured meats, using a refrigerated system, to authorized retailers in Italy and around the world.

certified quality

Our products are all certified and meet the strictest quality standards.